Powering even
more applications.

Why NexSys?

Pioneering TPPL Technology

NexSys® batteries use specially engineered TPPL (Thin Plate Pure Lead) technology which provides a greater concentration of energy storing 99% pure lead plates – delivering more available capacity and power when you need it.


NexSys is the only range of lead acid batteries that provide equivalent or higher capacity than traditional flooded batteries, giving unlimited flexibility for 24/7 operation, no stops for watering and no time loss.


With increased cycle life, application flexibility and fast charging profiles, the NexSys battery range can be used at any time and recharged whenever is needed.

Take Charge

An integral part of the NexSys system is Wi-iQ®monitoring device. This device manages the charging profile to suit the state of charge and operating conditions of the battery, as well as storing a complete data record of the battery’s service life.


You can complete your battery management with the Xinx® System. It reads each Wi-iQ® monitoring device and transmits all data to a cloud server. The advanced EnerSys designed algorithm will process and analyse the information to provide reports on pool usage, forecasts and actions for improvement.

Choose The Right NexSys For You


Two packages available to meet all your application needs.

Lower your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

NexSys® batteries provide cost-effective motive power for even the highest capacity lift trucks. Minimal gassing and a no watering design make NexSys batteries ideal for use in sensitive production areas, retail environments or other public spaces.

Features and benefits

• No watering, changing or equalization

• Fast charging from 40-80% State of Charge (SOC) in less than one hour

• Opportunity charging in less than four hours with appropriately-sized NexSys battery charger

• Extreme shock and vibration resistance

• Energy throughput up to 160% per 24 hours

• Suitable for 10- to 16-hour workdays when opportunity charged

• Excellent cycle life – up to 1500 cycles at 60% Depth of Discharge (DOD)

• Minimal gassing

Contact your local EnerSys representative to find out how you can get the NexSys battery advantage.